Stockshow receives award

For the 11th straight year, the San Antonio Stock Show has received the PRCA Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year for 2015 on December 3rd in Las Vegas.

“We are truly astounded to receive our 11th consecutive award,” said San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo Executive Director and CEO Keith Martin, who was in Las Vegas to accept the honor. “Over 6,000 highly-committed volunteers drive the engine of this very blessed organization from beginning to end — and they are why we succeed.”

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2008 Livestock Judging (Junior Division)

San Antonio Rodeo’s 2008 Results

2008 Livestock Judging (Junior Division) Team Name Place
Gabe Jennings Mason County 4H 1
Will Arnold Ellis County 4H 2
Cody Malaer Calhoun County 4H 3
Tori Henderson Ector County 4H 4
Mackenzi Spisak Gillespie County 4H  5
Clayton Schram Austin County 4H Jr A 6
Price Ruffin Mason County 4H 7
Landry Hayes Calhoun County 4H 8
Emma Batchelor Matagorda County 4H 9
Tyler Bond Jones  Austin County 4H Jr A 10
* Not all 2008 winners posted.


2008 Poultry Biathlon Results

San Antonio Rodeo’s 2008 Results

2008 Poultry Biathlon Results Club Place
Jake Stephen Pieniazek  East Central FFA 1
Nathan Leo Fuchs Yoe FFA 2
Claire Allyn Luensmann Guadalupe County 4H 3
Kyle Emerson Crozier Samuel Clemens FFA 4
William L. Rooney Brazos County 4H 5
Jennifer Lynn Gelner Yoe FFA 6
Clayton Charles Leopold Hallettsville FFA 7
Rachel Elaine Bauer Yoe FFA 8
Amy Marie Vansa Yoe FFA 9
Amy Lorraine Doyle Samuel Clemens FFA 10
Garrett Wayne Cornett Midlothian FFA 11
William Edwards Ellis Midlothian FFA 12
* Not all 2008 winners posted.